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Trendsetter® owners have a TRUE alternative to high-priced laser head refurbishment by the CtP manufacturers.

After years of research and development by a team of PhD‘s and engineers, in collaboration with EZ Hi Tech, Vision Imaging Systems (VIS) is the ONLY 3rd party company to include a brand new laser module in their Trendsetter® laser head refurbishment!

For less then 50% of the original manufacturer's price, our laser head refurbishment comes with a full year warranty and an optional 5-year extension unlike 90-day limited warranties offered by others. Our Laser Head refurbishment includes a BRAND NEW SEALED LASER MODULE (unlike the original manufacturer), which yields a four times greater life expectancy. These sealed laser modules are manufactured exclusively for VIS by a prestigious German laser manufacturer, under very tight and customized specs.

These laser heads are precisely aligned and undergo rigorous calibration by expert engineers. The laser is the actual heart of the CtP. Once the laser head is fully refurbished, it is comparable to getting a new CtP at a fraction of the cost. Why be fooled into buying a "brand new" CtP with the same 10-year old proven technology?

Trendsetters® are the #1 rated thermal CtP and have the world’s largest installed base. EZ Hi Tech, the exclusive VIS distributor, offers reconditioned Trendsetters® with brand new VIS laser modules, and without any of the constraints of a new equipment purchase.

  • Creo™ Kodak™ Laser Assembly
  • Separate Laser Bar and Lens Array must be individually aligned
  • Exposed elements are damaged by dust and humidity
  • Life expectancy of 5,000 hours
  • 90-Day limited warranty
  • Warranty only extended through costly CTP service contract
  • Costs more than ½ the value of CTP
  • EZ HI Tech Laser Module
  • Pre-aligned Integrated Laser Module combines Laser Bar and Lenses
  • Hermetically sealed Laser Module is protected from environment
  • 4x Longer life expectancy
  • 1-Year full warranty included
  • Cost effective 6-Year extended warranty available
  • Cost savings up to 50%

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